Sunday, December 13, 2009

TOYS 2009 Drawing - Must Have(s)

The TOYS show was a smash. The head count is rumored to have exceeded 500 for the opening evening. Many, many of the visitors were familiar faces and even some old friends; just a fantastic vibe in the Art Box gallery that night. It goes without saying that all of the art was good work as TOYS is an invitational show.

This was the first year that TOYS was a one-night-only show. Although the food drive to benefit Second Helpings has always taken place on the opening night, the artwork typically enjoys a month-long exhibition. Due to this unusual circumstance, the artists were invited to show our pieces the following Friday, December 11 in the annual Be Indypendent Holiday Art Sale. I took advantage of this with the help of Hugh Vandivier (Primary Colours) and Shannon Linker (Arts Council of Indianapolis). Thanks to all of the people behind the scenes, it was easy and very cool for me to participate in these events.

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