Thursday, October 23, 2008

When It Rains, It Pours

HotBox Pizza Headquarters
I have enjoyed a great relationship with HotBox since I designed their logo in 2006 and painted the first of their stores, now three and counting. The latest project was to bring some of their store flavor into their offices. I am grateful to be called upon time and time again by a client that I truly like and respect. We established the 'street art' style characters and the burning background for their look in the beginning to stand apart from other pizzerias and appeal to their young customer base.

In general, I have been busy. There are other projects but I'll keep it brief. But, I am quite pleased to present the latest character work I've been doing. A friend asked me to help out with T shirt design he's doing. Once he told me what he was looking for, I had to do it. This is a ferocious werewolf. Neither are final.
There is plenty more in the ways of music and painting but everything in moderation. It's busy, very busy. Too busy, in fact, sometimes. All good though, better to be tired than bored.