Monday, January 20, 2014


More comics. I always loved Marvel Girl as Jim Lee drew her in X-tinction Agenda. Here's a shot of that Marvel Girl, plus some other more recognizable characters.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Been away for too long..

If anyone was following my blog through 2010, they probably thought I died or gave up altogether. In reality, I stared working 2009 with the local studio, The Basement. Since, then, much of my illustrative itch has been scratched through our projects. But, like a chronic illness or a long lost love, the need to sketch and render characters has returned in force.

This month, I've been invited by Aaron Scamihorn to participate in the Craft Brew Doodle. As any thorough professional would, Aaron has shared links to the artists' respective pages. I was mortified as I realized I hadn't visited my blog in about three years. So, here are some new drawings from my newly rediscovered fascination with heroes and fantasy.