Monday, November 23, 2009

Four years of Jelly and counting

I keep this little memory stuck on the fridge by a magnet. I liked the drawing when I was finished, but I didn't expect it to be any good in particular. After all this time, I still believe that a ball point pen is the most freeing drawing tool around. There is no temptation to erase; only a much stronger forethought into each line. Still loose enough to be be forgiving, but permanent enough to make a person think twice.

I drew it while waiting for a batch of jellies to stew. It was dated 10-3-2005. Man we used to really get a jump on this...Haven't even cut one pear for this year yet.


Joseph Cross said...

Love it :) and I would have to agree with you :) Aint nutten like a good-ol-pen man :)

Dan from Indianapolis said...

Thanks dude. I knew you would appreciate that.