Tuesday, August 25, 2009

APRIL - Monster Mashup

Yet another retroactive post!

This was a fun one indeed. I am always pleased to work with the my friends at Fundex Games. I recently attended their annual picnic (a luau theme) and was filled with gratitude for the relationship I enjoy with the company and its people.

A while ago I got an email about some character designs for a game called Monster Mashup. The cool thing about this game for me is that I had redesigned it once already about 8 years ago; when it was called I've Created A Monster. I did this time what I did before: took the existing game and, with direction from the art director, tried to give it a new personality. When I got the old game for reference I opened it and saw spread before me a small collection of my VERY FIRST vector characters. I remember my enthusiasm when I did them...which was nothing compared to the horror of seeing them years later. It was humbling to say the least. Sooooo, in order to be proud of them in another 8 years I wanted to give it a solid effort.

I went to town on some sketches. I was limited the first time to giving all the characters two arms and two legs. This time, that was not the case although most of my multi-armed monsters looked a little too monstrous. I just drew for a while and weeded out the ones I didn't like. We (myself and the project's designer) revised those a few times, switched a couple out, then I went to color. Eventually, I came up with some drawings I am now very proud of. The process was refreshing and challenging. It was nice to do some really goofy stuff.

Here are a few gems from this rewarding exercise in character design. Once again, not all of the art is here. If you wish to see everything (monsters, scientist and package art) you must get the game...and play it.

These guys made the cut and were eventually 'vectorized'...

These are some rejected concepts...


Ickydime said...

Very cool. Especially the top guy. I would hang out with that dude.

I think it would be good to be horrified of this work in 8 years. That is not a knock on this work, I think its excellent and you are very talented; however, I know you are very much into learning and progression and I am sure you in 8 years will be able to blow the socks of you today (or sandals if chose not to wear socks today).

Vince Gorman said...

Great monsters man! My 2 favorite are the twisted eyes guy and the bug. The color treatments are nice too, especially on the second guy (blue and green).