Wednesday, July 22, 2009

March - Asher Roth album art

This is old news now, but at the time I was up to my ears in work and not really itchy to talk about it right then. I was once again called on by my friends at HDU Creative to collaborate not only with their designer Damon, but also my good friend Ben Long. The three of us went to Herron School of Art & Design together and have been friends for several years; it's cool to work with people you know and respect.

I submitted concepts for every face of the 10-page fold CD jacket as well as art for the inside and back of the CD case. After many rounds of conceptual revisions, I ultimately handed over some clean and stylish illustrations. The imagery was geared specifically to support the themes Asher Roth has established in his music to this point: good times, intelligent rhymes and of course, many rows of white bread.

A lot of fun, a lot of work. All sketches were done in pencil then scanned in for any changes or modifications. All final art done in Illustrator. NONE of the art posted here is final. If you want to see the completed designs, you will have to see the disc itself. Seriously, it's impossible to find all the jacket art online.

2 sketches for inside art

And some of the vector work...

This was a great gig. I hope to do more work with artists in the future.

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