Friday, December 7, 2007


I am once again honored and very excited to have been included in a really cool event. the Toys Show is an annual art exhibition presented by Primary Colours, an art organization here in Indianapolis, in which all participating artists contribute one piece each dealing with the broad theme of 'toys'. It's an honor because, first and foremost, this is an invitation-only show. This means that you have to be asked to participate; and with no shortage of local talent, it's flattering to be asked. Also cool because it's a food drive for a local organization that feeds the homeless during the holidays.

On a personal level, there is a certain feeling of validation that comes from this experience. The only post-school art show I have had to do with (with the exception of Oranje where we usually do a live painting) has been SubSurface, which I co-organize. Members of Primary Colours include some of my favorite local artists (not to mention gallery owners/operators and other members of the local arts community). They have always been supportive of what I do and have attended both SubSurface shows. I respect the group a lot and I believe that I would not have been invited to show in TOYS if I had not won them over with my pieces from the SubSurface show this year. In short, this invitation suggests that the art community includes me as a gallery artist.

I have always been known in town for the large, bold murals I paint with friends from Indy and other cities. These have always been recreational and generally in less appealing parts of town (these are the places where they embrace my art the most it seems). We have, however, done some work in more high-profile parts of town that has been noticed by lots of folks. Although I studied fince art, it was always clear that my true passion was painting walls. I enjoyed this distinction but eventually realized that it was a limitation people placed on my work. I don't think many people thought I was a legitimate gallery artist. I would not have blamed them; I never thought of myself as much of a gallery artist.

The cherry on top of this sundae is that I was also asked to do the illustration for all the event promo materials. Until I get a good photo or scan of my piece from the show, here's the flyer. Lucky me, I still blush.

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