Friday, December 28, 2007

Thinking Inside The Box

Here it is! Or at least a web friendly version of it. The image below is of Toy Box, the drawing I did to hang in the TOYS show December 7th. The show was a blast and very rewarding for me. Not only did I see a lot of great work on the walls around my piece, but I had a great time seeing many old and new friends. The drawing sold too which is always gratifying.

I cannot say for sure whether I am more pleased with the poster illustration or the drawing. It's the first time I recall wearing two of my hats at once: commercial artist and fine artist. Also, each piece is made in a totally different way. In a certain way, though, they are the same piece. Different formats, different content, different moods yes but each are depictions of places where toys are perpetually stuck and always waiting to get out.

My favorite part of this drawing, of which I am very proud, is the folded paper under the 3d glasses. Mainly because I think paper is a hard but very fun material to interpret; but also because I remember somehow always finding magazines or comics in my own toy box.

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Joseph and Kristine said...

Great work man. I love it! Nice and dramatic!