Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School

Locals Only Art & Music Pub is host to all kinds of local talent and Friday night was no disappointment with the release of the Indy Webcomics Group's anthology, Welcome To Indiana: A Comic Anthology. The bar was filled with comic paraphernalia and artwork and, naturally, showcased some fine musical talent. My man Shawn P is a cartoonist, member of IWG, contributor to the anthology, and was a featured performer along with his group, hip-hop trio The Dirty Thirty. All great excuses to hang out at Locals' for an evening.

BUT, they didn't stop there. the night began with a Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School figure drawing session featuring the ladies of Crem De La Femme burlesque. They had created (then acted out) a comic of their own in which they confront the evil and sexless villain, the Cock Blocker. Very funny, very fun. I got in late with the crew and was stuck all the way on the side of the stage behind a massive PA speaker, but still managed to get a few good poses from the rear.... Coincidentally, these are all of the same model.


Vince Gorman said...

nice sketches man, sounds like it was a fun evening

Dan from Indianapolis said...

It was great. You should check out Dr. Sketchy. It's a national project and I'm sure that, if we have one in Indianapolis, there must be one in southern California.