Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Officer, that man stole my boots!

Well, they must be stolen because they obviously do not fit this man. This is the result of yet another meeting. Although they are necessary to further some aspects of a project, I relish meetings for the drawing time they often yield. Since most of my meetings at work are of an administrative nature rather than a creative nature, I usually bring some paper and pens. I do take notes of course, but occasionally I will draw something memorable.

This dude is a good example of some of the things I like to draw as well as things I like about the work of others. I have always liked running poses because of the implied action. When a person is running in a situation that matters, they act with abandon. The movements are too fast and powerful to be graceful. Such is the case with this fellow; he is more or less stretching every limb in order to fling himself further.

Another thing I like about this sketch is all the drapery. I never understood as a youngster why so many classical paintings featured excessively robed figures. Over the last several years it has become one of the most enjoyable things about interpreting life in drawings. The way fabric shows the shape of the object supporting it is very elegant. Even the most geometric object becomes fluid and organic when adorned with drapery. Although the underlying structure is obvious, a draped surface is faceted and ever-turning.

This sketch also hearkens back to my days as a Jim Lee fanatic. His work on the uncanny X-Men and later X titles featured some cool costume designs. I give a subconscious nod to his work with this basic 2 tone shirt.

Lastly, I think the face of this man is a direct influence from the work of Chris Sickles of Red Nose Studio. His characters always have a very aerodynamic quality, particularly in the way the nose protrudes from the face. Again, not intentional, but I think I took this guy's profile directly from the Red Nose work I have seen.


Vince Gorman said...

I love to see some action in your drawings, this one definitely has a lot of bounce. I think the thing that reminds me the most of Chris Sickles' work, is the indifferent expression on his face, a bit peculiar and adds a lot to the back-story of this guy.

CurtisArzate said...

makes since....i like how it shows action....i like the drawing man. hey i have a new blog and new account on here cause i forgot the last one...its coming along nice...check it out sometime!

chiseven said...

as usual, insightful, thoughtful and earnest words accompanied by an excellent drawing. Keep doing it Dan. When do you want to start working on the graff comic I came up with? -jsp