Monday, February 11, 2008

Fun With Characters

Character design is a huge part of me. I did not know it at the time, but my childhood was all about character design. I loved the look of people and things and the way you can assign different attributes to a character to make it 'speak'. Sometimes my job requires me to design characters. Although this is not a service the company offers, it is sometimes involved in the work we do. Here are a few examples I did for recent animation. It has to do with heat and cold....


Gruntone said...

yea it came out pritty nice.......well i planed on doin a grunt piece but they only got 2 i did that....well when ever u get the phone dont be a stranger!!!

Katie Umbaugh said...

Dan-O... this is quite a blog you have here. I really like your character designs. To me- it seems- that would be a really hard thing to draw & define. The human in total.

The face always seems the most difficult. I love the expressions on those faces!

well done my friend.